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copyright February 2006 (Muharram 1427)

(updated December 2013 - Safar 1435)




One should keep track of Salaat times in order to avoid starting a Tawaaf close to Iqaamat time.  This is in order to avoid getting “caught” among the men folk during the Fardh Salaat.


It is unacceptable for one to pray Salaat in front of the men even though one may see it happen.  Ladies have screened-off areas where they can perform all their Ibaadat.


One should not pass in front of men performing their Salaat as this invalidates their Salaat. However, this does not hold true for the congregational Salaat.


Some jurists are of the opinion that one should perform the Janaazaa Salaat, (which invariably occurs after every Fardh Salaat), as one is equally rewarded.


One must perform Tawaaf on the edge of the Mataaf when there are huge crowds.  Do not venture to go near Hajr-e-Aswad, Rukn-e-Yamani, Multazam and Maqaam-e-Ibrahim if there are crowds.


Ladies’ Ziyyaarat times for the Roze Mubaarak are from Ishraaq till about 11am, then from after Zuhr till about 3pm and then at night from 9pm till midnight.


Under normal circumstances it will not be necessary to hold the husband’s hand when making Tawaaf.  If the need does arise, especially in a crowded situation, then it is advisable to hold the top portion of his Ihraam, (or better still, the Ihraam belt), but not his hand.  When not in Ihraam, one can hold his hand if the need arises.


One must try and pray the Fardh Salaat in the room and not in the Masjidul Haram.  One will, Insha Allah, be amply rewarded as if one has prayed in the Haram.


One will not perform Idjtibaa or Ramal in Tawaaf nor will one walk hastily in the area between the green lights during Sa’ee.


One will not shave the head in order to be released from Ihraam but will merely have the hair trimmed by approximately one inch.  This should be done either by a female companion or the Mahram in the room and not in a public place.


Those ladies who have naturally very short hair, (or Allah forbid, those who keep their hair very short), will not be able to trim their hair in order to come out of Ihraam.  In such a situation they will give Damm in order to be released from Ihraam.


The Haram is not the place for socializing or idle chit-chat.


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