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copyright February 2006 (Muharram 1427)

(updated December 2013 - Safar 1435)


Entering Meeqaat


Even if a lady is in a state of Haidh or Nifaas, she will have a bath, (which is a Sunnat for Ihraam but does not make her Paak), will wear her Ihraam at, or before reaching the Meeqaat, will make intention and read “Labbaik” but will not pray her 2 Rakaats Sunnatul Ihraam.  She is not permitted by Shariah to cross the Meeqaat without being in Ihraam if she is going to Makkah first.


When she is free from her Haidh/Nifaas, she will make a new Ghusl, wear a fresh set of clothes, pray the 2 Rakaats Sunnatul Ihraam and perform her Tawaaf & Sa’ee.  She will not now go to the Meeqaat in order to renew her Ihraam.  This is done in her apartment in Makkah.  A woman who begins menstruating after reaching Makkah will do likewise.  


However if such a woman reaches Makkah just before Hajj activities are about to commence and she has thus no time to perform Tawaaful Qudoom then she will forego this Tawaaf for which she is forgiven and she will join the others in performing the Hajj rites.


Haidh (Menses), Hajj & Umrah


Many women get upset when their menses start in Makkah or Madinah as they cannot attend prayer in the Haram nor can they make Ziyyaarat of the various Masaajid.  They tend to resort to all sorts of methods either to delay or abort their menses, usually to no avail, and sometimes with disastrous consequences.  Such ladies should not upset themselves as menses are a natural process from Allah, the Almighty, Who in His Infinite Mercy shall most certainly reward them for utilizing this time in Dhikr, Du’aa, etc.


If one starts her menses during a Nafl, Waajeeb or Fardh Tawaaf then she must stop the Tawaaf immediately and leave the Haram.  


If she has completed four or more circuits of such a Tawaaf then it is regarded as having been completed.  For each one of the incomplete circuits Sadaqah should be given.  Each of this Sadaqah is equivalent to the amount given as Sadaqatul Fitr.


If one completes less than four rounds then the whole Tawaaf is regarded as incomplete and Qazaa of the Tawaaf is due when one becomes ceremonially pure (Paak).


If one has completed her Tawaaf and she still has to do Sa’ee and her menses now start, then she should perform this Sa’ee in this state of impurity as ceremonial purity is not a Shar’ee requirement for Sa’ee.  Ensure that one protects herself securely in order to avoid soiling the Mas’aa.  This same ruling applies when one has completed four or more rounds of a Tawaaf and still has to perform Sa’ee.  However, one is excused from performing the two Rakaats Salaat of having completed Tawaaf.


Nifaas, (Afterbirth), Hajj & Umrah


The laws for Nifaas as regards Hajj & Umrah are the same as the laws for menstruation outlined above.  All Hajj activities are allowed except for Tawaaf.


If a lady gets labour pains after having completed four or more rounds of Tawaaf and she is unable to complete the remainder of this Tawaaf then this Tawaaf is regarded as complete and she should give Sadaqah for each incomplete circuit as explained above.


If such a lady performed three rounds or less then she should repeat the whole Tawaaf after she becomes Paak again. For each circuit which she had missed she should give Sadaqah as explained above.  In the case where the Tawaaf is repeated after having become Paak, no Sadaqah is necessary.


If Sa’ee had become necessary after a Tawaaf but she could not complete it due to labour pains then she must repeat both the Tawaaf and Sa’ee when she becomes Paak again.


For the Sa’ee to be regarded as complete, four or more laps are essential and Sadaqah must be given for each incomplete lap. If three or less laps were done then she has to repeat the Tawaaf and Sa’ee when she becomes Paak again.


If the Tawaaf and Sa’ee were completed and she could not perform the two Rakaats of Salaat after Tawaaf, then her Tawaaf is still regarded as complete and she is pardoned from this Salaat.


If a major part of Tawaaf or Sa’ee was done, (i.e. four or more circuits/laps of each), both are regarded as complete; but if she repeats both after becoming Paak, then it is better than giving Sadaqah for each of the missed circuit or missed lap.


Iddat Period


If a lady is in her Iddat period, she must complete her Iddat first before she embarks on this Mubaarak journey, even though she may meet all the requirements of Hajj.


If a lady’s Mahram dies during the six days of Hajj then she should complete all her remaining Hajj rites.


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