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copyright February 2006 (Muharram 1427)

(updated December 2013 - Safar 1435)


By a Shar’ee "excuse" or Shar’ee reason is meant fever, extreme environmental temperatures, wound/sores/boils/blisters, pain, a large number of lice, severe headache and all that which results in severe hardships and/or difficulties.


In error; forgetfulness; unconsciousness; sleep and poverty are not regarded as valid Shar'ee excuses.


1.  Valid Shar'ee Excuse


If, due to a valid Shar’ee reason, a Muhrim:


  1. wears a sewn garment according to the shape of a part of the body (e.g. a jersey in the “jersey area"), or


  1. uses itr, or


  1. cuts or trims the hair, or


  1. clips the nails, or


  1. covers his face with a cloth so that it touches the face, then the following will apply:


giving Damm, or

fasting for three days, or

giving six Masaakeen the amount of a Complete Sadaqah.


fasting for three days, or

giving six Masaakeen the amount of a Complete Sadaqah.


2.  Non-Valid Shar'ee Excuse


When the Jinaayaat is due to a non-valid excuse, then the following will apply:



































































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