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copyright February 2006 (Muharram 1427)

(updated December 2013 - Safar 1435)


1.  Budnah


This means the sacrifice of a cow, an ox or a camel, and is Waajeeb in only two situations.  It can neither be substituted with distribution of food or money to the needy nor by fasting.  The two conditions are:


  1. When Tawaaf-e-Ziyaarat is performed in a state of Janaabat or in a state of Haidh or in a state of Nifaas.


  1. When one has cohabited after Wuqoof-e-Arafaat but before the trimming/shaving of the hair, or cohabited before Tawaaf-e-Ziyaarat.


2.  Damm


This means the sacrifice of either a one-year-old goat, or a ram or a sheep or one-seventh part of a cow, camel or an ox or a buffalo.  It cannot be substituted with either distribution of food, (or money), to the needy or by fasting.


Notes on Damm


All conditions that apply to the physical well being of the Qurbaani animal are also applicable to the animal of a Budnah or Damm.


The only difference is that the person on whom the Damm or Budnah has become Waajeeb cannot eat meat from such a sacrifice. Only those who are eligible to receive Zakaat may eat of the Damm/Budnah animal. 


Damm or Budnah can only be performed within the boundaries of the Haram.


3.  Complete Sadaqah


This is the amount of Sadaqatul Fitr, (approximately 3 kg of wheat/or wheat flour or 6 kg of barley/barley flour or 6 kg of dates or raisins), or its value in money.


  1. Where "some" Sadaqah has been stipulated, then it will suffice to give a handful of grain, or one roti.


  1. Sadaqah can also be given outside the boundaries of the Haram.




































































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