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copyright February 2006 (Muharram 1427)

(updated December 2013 - Safar 1435)


For men to wear sewn clothes according to the shape of the body for one day and one night.

For men to wear sewn clothes according to the shape of the body for less than one day and one night.
For a male Muhrim to make another male Muhrim wear sewn clothing.

Damm on the “wearer”; major sin on the other person.



  1. By one day and one night is meant the duration of day and night whether one whole day or one whole night passes or not e.g. if worn for half the day upto half the night, or if worn for half the night upto half the day, then too Damm is Waajeeb.


  1. After giving Damm for the day, if a male continued to wear such sewn clothes, then one Damm each again becomes Waajeeb for every day such clothes are worn.


  1. If no Damm was given and such clothing was continued to be worn for a few days by the male, then only one Damm becomes Waajeeb.


  1. If sewn clothing is worn by a male contrary to the way it is normally worn, (e.g. if a shirt is worn as a loin cloth), then no penalty becomes Waajeeb.  A penalty only becomes Waajeeb when clothing is worn how it is commonly worn.


  1. It is permissible to cover oneself with a blanket, duvet or indeed any covering which may be stitched without incurring a sin or a penalty provided that it does not cover the face or head.


  1. It is also permissible to wear a double layer of Ihraam either on the top or the bottom.


  1. It is also permissible to wrap the lower part of the body with a blanket or duvet.


  1. It is also permissible for a male to wear a jersey, jacket or overcoat on the shoulders as long as the arms are not put into the sleeves and the buttons/zipper remains unfastened.  However to do so is Makrooh. If the buttons/zipper were fastened or the arms were placed in the sleeves, then the Damm will apply as for wearing sewn clothes.


  1. Tying the loin cloth with a string or something similar is Makrooh but will not necessitate any Jazaa.


  1. It is permissible to sew the lungi or loin cloth down the middle.


  1. It is permissible to wear an Ihraam or money belt for the safe-keeping of one’s money or passport, etc.




















































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