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copyright February 2006 (Muharram 1427)

(updated December 2013 - Safar 1435)



  1. On the 10th Zil Hajj it is Waajeeb for the Qaarin and Mutamattee to follow the sequence as outlined below:


(A) To pelt the Big Shaitaan first, then

(B) To sacrifice an animal, then

(C) To trim or shave the hair.


  1. Of the obligatory fasts, 3 must be kept before 9th Zil Hajj, (preferably consecutively and after the Ihraam of Umrah); the remaining 7 when convenient, (preferably consecutively, and after the days of Tashreek).


  1. If the first 3 fasts are not kept before 9th Zil Hajj, then the animal sacrifice will still be binding.


  1. If the Qaarin or Mutamattee omitted the first 3 fasts and 9th Zil Hajj lapsed, he will have no alternative but to slaughter the animal.


  1. If the Qaarin or Mutamattee is unable to slaughter an animal, he should become Halaal after performing Ramee and shaving/trimming the hair. As soon as he has the ability, he should make three Damms; one for being a Qaarin or Mutamattee; the second for coming out of the state of Ihraam and the third for delaying the Damm after the days of Nahr.


  1. If he finds the means of slaughtering an animal before, or within, the Days of Nahr (i.e. before 10th, 11th or 12th Zil Hajj), but prior to shaving/trimming of the hair, then the obligation of fasting is waived, and the slaughtering becomes Waajeeb, (again).


  1. However, if he finds the means to slaughter an animal within, (or after the Days of Nahr), but after the shaving/trimming of the hair, he should observe the 7 fasts and do as he pleases with the animal.


  1. But if he observed the first 3 fasts in spite of possessing the means of slaughtering, and if the animal is still alive till the 1st day of Nahr, (i.e. 10th Zil Hajj), it will be Waajeeb upon him to slaughter this animal, and fasting alone will not suffice.


  1. If the animal in (8), above, died before 10th Zil Hajj, then the fasting will be rendered lawful.














































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By the Qaarin or the Mutamattee, to disregard the sequence of Ibaadat on the 10th  of Zil Hajj, whether intentionally, through ignorance or out of sheer carelessness.

Insufficient funds by the Qaarin or Mutamattee for the Waajeeb sacrifice.
Fast for 10 days

To slaughter the animal after the stipulated time.

To shave or trim the hair outside the Haram boundary.

To shave or trim the hair after sunset of 12th Zil Hajj, with or without a valid Shar’ee reason.