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copyright February 2006 (Muharram 1427)

(updated December 2013 - Safar 1435)


To apply a small quantity of these substances on any one of the large organs of the body, (e.g. head, ankle, beard, hand, palm, thigh, calf, etc.), in full, even for a moment, without a valid Shar'ee reason.
Due to a valid Shar'ee reason, to apply these substances in a similar manner as mentioned above in (a).

i.  Damm, or
ii.  Fasting for 3 days, or
iii.  Complete Sadaqah for 6 Masaakeen

To apply these substances in a large quantity on any part of the body, with or without a valid Shar'ee reason.

To apply a small quantity of these substances to various parts of the body so that the area so covered would be equivalent to the area of a large organ.

To apply a small quantity of these substances on a small part of the body, (in part or full), e.g. nose, finger, eye, ear, etc., or on a portion of a big limb, without a valid Shar'ee reason.
Complete Sadaqah

To apply a small quantity of these substances on various parts of the body so that the area so covered is not equivalent to the area covered by a large organ.
Complete Sadaqah
For one Muhrim to apply these substances on the body of another Muhrim.

Damm on the person applied; major sin on the applier.

To apply these substances at different sitting/standing/sleeping places.
Damm at every place.



  1. There is no penalty if the Itr is applied before saying the Niyyat and Talbiyyah, even though the fragrance may remain for any period of time thereafter.


  1. Even if the aromatic substance is washed off immediately whilst in the state of Ihraam the stipulated penalty is still applicable.


  1. The amount specified as a "small quantity" or a "large quantity" will be determined by common law, (i.e. as to that which prevails in the respective community).


  1. To apply olive oil or sesame oil on wounds or into the nose or ears for medicinal purposes is not a sin and does not attract a Jazaa.


  1. No penalty is Waajeeb for smelling fragrant flowers, but to do so is Makrooh.


  1. Whether the area is large or small depends on whether the amount of perfume used is a lot or a little. If the perfume was little, then it will still be considered a lot of perfume if it was applied on a large area, and thus Damm becomes Waajeeb.


  1. It is Waajeeb to remove the perfume immediately from the Muhrim’s body and if one gives the Kaffaarah and does not wash off the perfume then another penalty becomes Waajeeb. This perfume should be washed off by a non-Muhrim if available. If not, then one can wash it by pouring water over the area without touching it.




































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